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Citizens As Pawns


Same Sex Marriage

Sanity from the President.

An issue for the Republicans.

The people take another step.

Kentucky Derby

He was in the lead all the way.

Tuckered out; lost the race.

Future political prediction?

Newt Quits

Owing millions of dollars he says will probably never get paid back.

A perfect reflection of what the Republicans have done to the national finances, for 30 years.

Somehow, Republicans think it is fine to spend other people’s money, but never pay it back.

Spend, spend, spend, but never pay for that spending.

Where I’m from, we call them deadbeats.



Words have the power to motivate people. for good and bad. Words can express great ideas, bad ideas, diverse ideas, and false ideas; but are best at confusing the conversation.

The Constitution has words that express great ideas; but of course, many of the ideas expressed did not exist in daily reality (equality for all). What? The founding fathers were using words to motivate the Americans to support a government that they knew was not reality, nor did they even practice the kind of government they defined. Not to mention that the individual rights they defined, were rights being refused to people, by the very authors of this “new” government contract with the people. The Constitution would today be presented as a “talking points” list from radicals trying to overturn the government processes of their day, while stating incorrect facts.

The intellect of the current members of Congress cannot match that of the first Continental Congress, so why would we trust (believe) that the current Congress is writing legislation that will be good for the future of America? It’s not a comparison, just a reality.

Did my words just call the founding fathers and all politicians liars?

Now, listen to the words of the two politicians who want to lead America. Confusing? Trustworthy? Having foresight for Americans now, and 200 years from now?

American people: A little more sales resistance please. Being gullible is not a protector of freedom.

I’m a man of few words (see my posts). Maybe I oversimplify, but it’s easy to skip the details, when there are none. Certainly I write my words with sarcasm and sideways humor; and I take it most know what I’m talking about (ASSume). This is more words than I have used in any other post (see past posts).

So on with your long lists of talking points, your words of certain conviction, your explanations of utopian America. All your words have led to confusion, because of the lack of their varsity, or even intelligence. I get a kick out of all of those words.


I’m surprised, that Americans are so surprised, by things that seem so obvious to me.

Surprised,  that child molesters are around children: Like Boy Scout leaders, teachers, priests, etc.. They go where the kids are.

Surprised,  Secret Service guys used prostitutes. Next time pay the girls.

Surprised,  that there are unnecessary deaths due to guns, when there are 300 million guns in the country.

Surprised,  that Obama is not the liberal, you thought he was.

Surprised,  that if you give a politician your money;  he does not do what he promised to do.

Surprised,  when we cut taxes; we are in debt.

Surprised,  after we built a military empire with forts all over the globe, that the people of those countries don’t like us.

The list goes on.

Communists In The Government

I awoke from my nap, just in time to here:

Mr. West, how many members of Congress are Communists?  Mr. West replied,  I think there are 79, or 80 members of the Communist party in Congress.

I thought I was still sleeping, or dreaming. A flash back, or maybe the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” was on. .

I once heard that same question to another Republican Congressman. His response was to also,  state a certain number of Communist were in the government.

That was Senator Joe McCarthy.

I got the chills.


A senior Republican Senator called the President stupid.

The campaign has started.

Supreme Court – Justice?

Agree, or disagree, the Supreme Court is the last word. Part of that “check and balance” system.

Of course the Court is slanted to the right; just as it was slanted to the left decades ago.

Scalia is one of the most partisan political hacks I’ve seen on the bench, in decades.

We will all have to live with the fact, that our personal health care and how we structure a personal health care system, is the same as if the government was forcing us to eat broccoli.

I guess it is unconstitutional, for the government to force us to do anything, like pay taxes.

Is the Court to do what’s right by the law; without regard to what’s good for the citizens?

I don’t ask that, to defend Obamacare, but to clarify, what is justice for all.

Obama A Shoein?

Yes, Obama can lose and is losing in those States that will decide the election.